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DUAT Windows 3.05

DUAT Windows 3.05 allows you to obtain weather briefings, full color weather graphic products, and flight planning services FREE from DTC's DUAT Service. It resolves previous software bugs and has a NEW capabilty for requesting State NEXRAD Radar full color graphic products.

Highlights on this page:

1. Download & Installation Instructions for Windows 95, 98 & NT users
2. Running DUAT Windows 3.05
3. Troubleshooting DUAT Windows 3.05
4. Downloading the DTC DUAT User's Guide
5. Windows 3.1 users

DUAT Windows Client

How to Download & Install DUAT Windows 3.05 for
Windows 95, 98 & NT users

1. Click here or on the ICON to the left to begin downloading the self-extracting ZIP file.

  • For Internet Explorer and AOL users, choose the "Save this program to disk" option from the popped-up dialog box. (REMEMBER which folder you are saving it to in the next step.

2. In the "Save As" dialog box, click the down arrow on the "Save in:" menu and select Desktop. DON'T click "Save" yet.

  • We strongly recommend saving the file to the Desktop

3. In the same dialog box, create a new folder by clicking on the "Create New Folder" icon located to the right of the "Save in" menu. Name the new folder "DUAT" and double click on it to open the folder. Select Save.

  • If you have difficulty locating the "Create New Folder" icon, you may also right-click anywhere on the white area within the dialog box and select "New" then "Folder".

4. Double click the DUAT folder you have just created on the Desktop when download is done. This will bring up a window with a file named duat305_32.exe in it.

5. Double click the file duat305_32.exe to execute it. A WinZip Self-Extractor window will appear. Click the Unzip button and follow the Setup instructions.

  • This step will extract all the files required for installation and execute an installation Wizard program to guide you through the Setup process.

6. Congratulations! You are now ready to use our new DUAT Windows 3.05.

  • Now that you have installed DUAT Windows 3.05, you may delete the download folder from the desktop.
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Running DUAT Windows 3.05

1. To run DUAT Windows 3.05, click on the [Start] menu and select [Programs]. Then, look for [DUAT Windows 3.05] and select it.

  • The [Start] menu is located at the bottom left corner of your monitor.

2. Our software will remember your login information for you. To do this you will need to enter your Access Code, Password and Aircraft Identification by choosing "Settings" from the DUAT menu bar and selecting "Login Preferences".

  • If you do not wish our software to remember your login information, you may click on the "Dial" button and enter information manually when you are successfully connected to our systems.
DUAT Windows 3.05 is preloaded with setup defaults. These defaults include:
  • Modem is set to the Generic Hayes modem setting.
  • Communication port is set to COM 2.
These default settings will automatically work on most computers.

Would you like to Create an Icon for DUAT?

  • The installation program created an ICON for you and minimized it on your task bar. If you would like to place a short cut on your Desktop, select it from the task bar, click on the ICON, then use your mouse's right button and select create a short cut. After the short cut is created you may drag it onto your desktop.
Make sure you create a shortcut first! Do not drag the original ICON to the Desktop or it will remove the program from the Program Files under Start.
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Troubleshooting DUAT Windows 3.05

If DUAT Windows 3.05 does not work properly, it is most likely a Communication port problem. To solve the problem:

  • Try switching from COM 1 through COM 4.
  • If you are still unsuccessful, try adjusting the Modem speed.
Some computers have up to COM 5 or higher. However, DUAT Windows 3.05 will NOT work on those ports. Only use COM Ports 1 through 4.
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Downloading DTC's DUAT User's Guide

1. Click here to begin downloading the self-extracting ZIP file.

  • For Internet Explorer and AOL users, choose "Save this program to disk" option from the pop-up dialog box. (REMEMBER which folder you are saving it to in the next step.)

2. In the "Save As" dialog box, click the down arrow on the "Save in:" menu and choose a directory in which you wish the User's Guide is stored.

3. Go to the directory after the file is downloaded successfully.

4. Locate the icon named "usergde" and double click on it.

  • Notice that a new icon named "Usrguide" is created in the same directory after you performed Step 4.

5. You may now view our DUAT User's Guide by double clicking on the icon "Usrguide"

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Windows 3.1 Users

  • Please contact our 24-hour HELP desk (below) for free installation Diskette of DUAT Windows 3.05
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If you need assistance call our 24 hour HELP desk at:
1-800-AID-DUAT (1-800-243-3828)
E-Mail us at helpdesk@duat.com
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