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General Internet Usage FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Check out the following FAQ list to find out answers to general Internet questions.

  1. What are the Internet browser requirements for DUAT.com?
  2. What are cookies?
  3. Is it safe to let DUAT send me a cookie? Is my information private?
  4. What's your privacy policy?

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Q. What are the Internet browser requirements for DUAT.com?

A. Your browser must support tables, cookies and JavaScript to work well with DUAT.com. Any Netscape or Microsoft browser from version 4 and up can work fine, although you may need to configure your browser to accept cookies and JavaScript.

DTC extensively tests our products to ensure that they work well with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and FireFox. This does not mean, however, that these are the only browsers that can be used. If your browser supports HTML tables, cookies, and JavaScript, it will probably work fine with our system. If your browser does not support JavaScript, it will work in most cases, but you will be unable to access some of the more advanced features (such as the new Lookup function). We strongly recommend that you obtain a newer browser if you do not have all of these features.

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Q. What are cookies?

A. No - not the chocolate chip kind! A "cookie" on the Internet is simply a small piece of information transmitted between a web site and your Internet browser. It's like getting a number at the deli counter that allows you keep your place in line. The web server gives your browser the ticket with some information written on it. Then, whenever you click an action in DUAT.com, your web browser hands this ticket back to the web server so that the web server can correctly respond to your requests.

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Q. Is it safe to let DUAT send me a cookie? Is my information private?

A. Yes - the only "ingredients" in your Internet cookie are information the web site already has. All that your Internet browser does with this information is send back this information with every request so that DUAT.com can remember what you are trying to do.

DUAT.com can only read the cookie that it sent to you. DUAT.com cannot read any other cookies or any other private information that's stored on your computer. Neither can any other site read the cookie that DUAT.com sent to you, so your information is private, and it is safe to use cookies.

DTC uses a cookie to remember who you were when you logged in so that we can let you see your information (and so that no one else can see it!)

Note: You must set your browser to allow cookies in order to use the DUAT.com site (otherwise we cannot retrieve your information). To set your browser to allow cookies, please see your browser help files or documentation.

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Q. What's your privacy policy?

A. DTC firmly believes in the necessity to provide security and privacy on the Internet. Here's our privacy policy:

  • DTC is acting under a contract to the Federal Aviation Administration to provide the DUAT service. The terms of this contract provide strict guidelines as to how DTC can use the personal information provided by the FAA. DTC is also required to follow all applicable federal laws and FAA regulations concerning privacy act information and the security of data processing systems connected to the National Airspace System (NAS).
  • DTC does not sell any information about specific individuals or general DUAT system use that it may have available.
  • DTC does not collect any type of "profiling" information that could be used to track where specific users have been on the Internet.
  • DTC does, however, cooperate with several organizations to promote the usage of the DUAT system by providing links between the DUAT service and other web sites. We track only the number of inbound or outbound links to these sites (and not who connected) so that we can determine the effectiveness of these links for promotional purposes. No personal information is provided or revealed in this tracking.

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