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General DUAT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Check out the following FAQ list to find general information about the DUAT system.

  1. What is DUAT?
  2. Who can use DUAT?
  3. Who is DTC?
  4. Who pays for my usage?

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Q. What is DUAT?

A. The Direct User Access Terminal (DUAT) Service is a computerized service provided by the FAA. It allows current pilots to directly access FAA weather data and flight plan systems. Data Transformation Corp. (see DTC History) has provided the DUAT service for over fifteen years.

The DUAT service provides weather briefings that cover all of the contiguous U.S. and Alaska. Additionally, the service provides International weather information for the following areas:

Canada Haiti
Mexico Dominican Republic
Bahamas Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico Cayman Islands

Flight Plans can be filed for the contiguous U.S. and Alaska and to the Carribbean, Mexico and Canada.

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Q. Who can use DUAT?

A. The FAA allows all pilots with a pilot's certificate or a student medical free access to DUAT. If you are required to have a current medical in order to fly, you must also have a current medical in order to obtain access to the DUAT system. (Balloonists, glider pilots and ultra-light pilots are not required to have a current medical.) If you meet these requirements you are probably already in our DUAT database and can get immediate access. If your records aren't in our database, you can fax a copy of your certificate and/or current medical and we can add you to the DUAT database within several hours. Contact our HelpDesk for more information.

Certain other users (such as flight dispatchers) who can demonstrate a need to access the FAA services can be authorized on a case-by-case basis to use DUAT. Once again, contact our HelpDesk for details!

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Q. Who is DTC?

A. Data Transformation Corp. (DTC) has been involved with the DUAT service for over fifteen years. In 1989 DTC was awarded a contract by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide DUAT services to the aviation community. DTC has received additional contracts to continue providing the DUAT service.

DTC also provides major software portions of the FAA's OASIS program which provides new computer systems for the Flight Service Station system.

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Q. Who pays for my usage?

A. You already did — with your aviation taxes! The FAA provides the DUAT service as a supplement to the Flight Service Station system. You do not have to pay for use of the service. You do have to pay any costs for your Internet access. (If you're reading this, you've already got access to the Internet!) The DUAT service is also available as a direct-dial connection over a toll-free phone number. See our DUAT/Windows software for more information.

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